wikipedia guidelines

Wikipedia is a place where neutral points used to explain user about what actual thing is all about. It’s a Encyclopedia where anyone can add pages, articles, and knowledge. Topics cover just about anything or any industry!

1. Wikipedia is “the encyclopedia anyone can edit.”

Yes, Anyone can create an account here and make changes to any no-protected article instantly. But, make sure your edits are valid to not getting roll backed. Even your competitor knows more about you.

2. Wikipedia is a key place to listen.

It is actually a key place to listen where no discount will be given for you at any cost. Whoever, it may be references speaks more than your words.

3. Wikipedia is not a traditional media organization.

No article is completed through single editor, it goes from editor to editor for perfection. One should know about the wiki guidelines strictly to handle this.

5. Every Wikipedia entry has its own “Talk” page.

One can discuss everything about the article issues, improvement and more through talk page. For better results discuss first before update.

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